Monlau Repsol presents the first Online Master with the aim to form Motorsport’s Engineers

After teaching seven successfully On Campus editions, this is the first time that these postgraduate studies may be made by remote thanks to the powerful multimedia platform Monlau Online Academy, presented today at the Valencia Grand Prix MotoGP.
This is an innovative Master, which combines 50% race car and race motorbikes specialty through 24 modules perfectly structured with the current reality of motorsport.
Students will receive a specific training entirely in English and will have at their disposal an exhaustive online monitoring that will open them the doors of all motorsport disciplines.fter teaching seven successfully On Campus editions, this is the first time that these postgraduate studies may be made by remote from next October thanks to the powerful multimedia platform Monlau Online Academy.
Monlau Repsol Technical School has presented this Thursday the Motorsport Online Engineering version in the Ricardo´s Tormo circuit. The event was attended by Emilio Alzamora (CEO at Monlau Repsol), Beatriz Tobio (Chief of Sponsoring at Repsol), Iban Ventura (managing director of the Monlau Group), Jaime Serrano, (manager director at Monlau Repsol Technical School) and Mark Tamaño (Operative Coordinator of the Online Master). All they have revealed the details of this unprecedented proposal aimed at those engineers and motorsport professionals who can’t attend to lessons in person. With this objective, the prestigious postgraduate course now opens internationally through the web:
The Online Master, spoken entirely in English language by a native, rises with the accumulated experience over the seven On Campus promotions of the Motorsport Engineering Master, created in 2009. The purpose of these postgraduate studies is to prepare engineers specifically in motorsport, both in race car or race motorbike disciplines. Therefore, it is the first and only 50% divided between these two specialties, but with common modules. At the time of the enrolment students can choose between race car and race motorbikes; or opt for a third mixed option that includes both specialties.
Monlau Repsol has made a studies planning of 24 modules perfectly structured with the current reality of motorsport. These modules are designed to be eminently practical and dynamic, with a big multimedia content. Once the student has completed a module, within the agreed time, they have to make a practical exercise and having overcome it, go on to the next module. The whole process will be supervised at any moment by a brilliant faculty of 18 professors who advise students and personally assist them during the course, resolving all doubts.
Thanks to the multimedia platform Monlau Online Academy, enrolled students in the Online Master have all kinds of supplementary material available 24 hours a day throughout the year that lasts the course. This e-learning website is developed from the educational platform Moodle that incorporates all the necessary tools, including the complete software with all specific programs: PTC, Ansys, MathWorks, 2D and AIM.
According to the Managing Director of Monlau Repsol, Jaime Serrano, “the creation of this innovative Online Master shows the desire to satisfy a new training demand internationally in the digital age, with the experience and method of an experienced professor’s faculty active in major international race Championships and with the Monlau Group’s teaching guarantee”.
With this innovative initiative, Monlau Repsol expects expand internationally and form engineers for the global elite motorsport, without geographical distances that become a handicap. Registration is now open for the February 2017 edition.
To access these postgraduate studies it is essential to be fluent in English language, confirm an engineering degree, bachelor or proven long experience in the motorsport field. From there, professors and engineers of Monlau Repsol active in major race competitions, teach students until they become true motorsport specialists in all variants according to the methods, criteria and needs of professional motorsport teams and the specialized companies.


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