One of the main masterclass for our engineering students

During the last 2 days, Mr Mario Uncini Manganelli was presenting to the oncampus master students the conceptual engine design dedicated to race engine used in motorsport motorbike applications.
After a introduction on the main engine components the focus was on design of cyl head based on intake and exhaust duct starting from the main engine dimensions.
The first day Mr. Manganelli presented 2 cases of WSBK and Motogp conceptual design of intake and exhaust system, bore/stroke design. The lesson contuined in the afternoon with a real case of a CAD model of intake system and how the design process influence the engine development.
The second day the lesson will include the analisys of other specific component like rotating masses and reciprocating masses with an overwiev on lubrication and pneumatic system normally used in racing engine. Will be analized some solution to improve performance and reliability of the component inlcuded in this two important systems.
Mario Uncini Manganelli is an italian engine engineer 
With 20+ years of experience in creation, innovation, development and optimization of race engines (SBK, GP1, F1).
4 times world champion with the new engine designed from scratch Aprilia SBK (‘10, ‘11,  ‘12, ‘13, ‘14).
With experience across the sport-racing arena on both motorbikes (GP1, SBK) and sport cars (F1) and with responsibilities across all research/development, test bench and racing optimization.