Student’s testimony of our Motorsport Online Engineering Master

My fascination of the world of Motorsport started at a very young age. I can recall being a young boy watching F1 when Michael Schummacher (Ferrari) and Mika Hakkinen (Mclaren) where at the top of the ladder in the 90’s. Of course, I also followed the Motor bikes at that time the top category was 500c.c with Alex Criville and Mick Doohan.
As soon as the opportunity came, and I was old enough I went to the live circuit. My first F1 Alonso won in Barcelona, ??2006 and I also went to Moto GP. I consistently attended these events for 7 years consecutive from 2005 until 2013.
My studies were nearing the end and I graduated in 2013 as a mechanical engineer. At this time due to the crisis in Spain I decided to take the adventure across the world to Australia. The main reason was to improve my English skills, little did I know that I would end up living in Australia permanently. It was in Australia when I was able to get more involved with the in world of motorsport and I was recruited as a scrutineer for the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS). This position gave me access to the most important national and international Motorsport events such as F1, WRC, V8 Supercars, etc. 
These unimaginable experiences made me feel as though I was dreaming, being involved in the world of motorsport felt so surreal. As was working so closely with engineers and drivers I wanted to be more involved. I realized that I needed more knowledge further than just the technical regulations, such as data, dynamics, aerodynamics, fluids, etc.
I began to research more information on where I could acquire such training then, I came across Monlau Repsol. As I read on I noticed the content was relevant and in addition I could complete it online which was perfect as I reside in Australia. I had some questions, so I rang the college and a staff member by the name of Carlos answered he was incredibly helpful.  I had a conversation with Carlos about the experience I have gained in Motorsports and with the he information provided I came to the realization that this course was perfect. The enrolment process, which was quick and easy. At the end of January 2017, I received the pack with all the necessary material to carry out the Master and the following week the course started.
Thanks to this platform of online teaching I was able to combine my work with my studies. I averaged to 15 hours per week of study, mostly on weekends or where it would fit into my schedule. All the course material was on the online platform, the content was from real cars and motorcycles that they have which compete in the Spanish and Europe championship. If I had any questions I just had to send an email to the teacher or to Mark. The truth is that I enjoyed and learned a lot during my nine months of studies. I could see how the course content was very relevant and applied it to my work as scrutineer. For me the amazing thing was that I could see the theoretical concepts I was learning in practice on the circuit, experiencing it all live on the track as a scrutineer.
This year in 2018 I got the opportunity to work with an amateur team becoming the Official team leader, track and data engineer. The car I work with is a Toyota 86 and we are part of the Toyota 86 national level competition (Australia). We have 6 different race meetings from April to November. Now I am putting into practice everything learned during the Master course. I am convinced that without the knowledge I acquired in the Master it would not be possible to fulfill the technical responsibilities that my position entails.
Adolfo Sáenz.