Monlau Repsol and CP autosport join forces through a collaborative agreement

The prestigious German company will be delivering advanced material for the Renault RS01 racing cars of the technical school.
Students and faculty will also receive a specific training about the latest technologies in the automotive field.
This agreement benefits the students of Motorsport Mechanics and the Engineering Master, both on-campus and online courses.
Monlau Repsol Technical School has reached a collaboration agreement with CP autosport that will allow offering its students the automotive and training materials for the latest technological advances in the field. Through this agreement, the prestigious German company will give to the Technical School in Barcelona a complete and modern equipment of set up and tooling for the Renault RS01 race car. CP autosport developed the wheel alignment tool Setup Wizzard, which allows laser based measuring of toe angle, track width, camber, weight and height within one step. Also, CP autosport will participate inside the Engineering Master planning studies of Monlau Repsol in modules such as simulation and materials.
This agreement also includes training on latest technologies to the Monlau Repsol faculty by the German company experts, as well as masterclass for the students of the on-campus courses and participation in the online course modules. In this way, both students of Motorsport Mechanics and those of the Engineering Master will benefit from this alliance.
CP autosport is a German company of recognized prestige in the world of motorsport thanks to its components of high performance and preparations of race vehicles. With extensive experience in the industry and more than 180 workers, this company has worked with many of the best car manufacturers and in some of the main automotive events. Furthermore, CP autosport is involved in the development and production processes of current outstanding street legal (hybrid) supersports cars. This involvement embodies the central theme of CP autosport: Transfer the gained knowledge and the best possible performance with the highest quality standards from motorsports onto the street.  
With this kind of agreements, Monlau Repsol Technical School is positioned as the leading training school for race car and race motorbikes technicians and engineers. Its philosophy is based on training the three players in motorsport: mechanics, engineers and drivers. The results show Monlau Repsol since its beginnings in 1997, both sports (with titles and successes in different disciplines) and academics, since it is usual to find many alumni enrolled in motorsport teams from all over the world, in the most various disciplines.