Why should you study our online master?

My name is Ulla Kulju. I´m a Senior Design Engineer and I have been working with various companies and projects with 3D modelling and with different technical solutions. I´m also a professional rider in the World Championship level. When I first came across the Online Master studies by Monlau Repsol Technical School I knew instantly that this is the way I want to improve myself. With these studies I can combine the two very dear things in my life, my work as a Design Engineer and my racing facet. I had all the knowledge with both matters but before this online master studies I hadn´t figured out a way to combine these two worlds as a professional aspect.
I loved the Online master studies. The scheduling was good, and the study environment was very easy to use and you can easily find your grades, tasks and course materials. Of course, you could always learn more but considering the overall length of the studies I find that the content was very good and widely ranged. There was a good amount of detailed information on each subject and the learning was easy. Materials were high quality and the virtual classes worked perfectly. During the Online master studies, I was working full time and also racing full time in the World Championship, but I still had time to do all the tasks and the virtual lectures. This means the studies come with a reasonable timetable so you don´t have to burn yourself out while studying, working, etc.
After finishing my studies, I have been using these combined skills in my day to day work as well as in my racing facet. With the knowledge gotten from the Online Master studies I have been able to upgrade my racing abilities with proper data acquisition knowledge and I have been able to work with new projects with more of the motorcycle industry aspect, too. I highly recommend the Online master studies to everyone interested and I´m planning on studying also the race car specialist studies in the future. I know at least one of my fellow racers who has signed up for the studies and he has been very pleased with the studies as also I am.
I have to say that this was the most interesting school I have ever been in, and the studies were to notch in every way.
Ulla Kulju – Senior Design Engineer at Etteplan Finland
World champion IBHR 600cc 2017