Monlau Motul Endurance Race: the decisive challenge for mechanics students

  • Second-year students of Motorcycling Competition Mechanics at Monlau Motul Technical School will test their technical and strategic skills in a 4-hour relay endurance race.
  • The Circuit de Calafat will once again be the setting for this unique project that represents the final exam before graduation.
  • The sixth edition of this test will have eight teams each made up of two drivers, a team leader and five students, who will work mechanically on the eight Honda CBR600RR F24.
  • “The Monlau Motul Endurance Race is not only a unique experience of extraordinary educational value, but the students also play a good part of the final grade,”  comments Jaime Serrano, CEO of Monlau Motul Technical School.

Monlau Motul Technical School is once again betting on its own motorcycle race, the Monlau Motul Endurance Race, which is the final study project for its students in the second year of Motorcycle Competition Mechanics. The event, which will be held at the Circuit de Calafat on June 27 and 28, tests the skills and knowledge acquired at the training center.

The sixth edition consolidates this unique educational experience, which provides students with complete immersion in the professional world. There will be more than one hundred people involved, who will have to participate in a four-hour endurance race in relays, with six  mandatory pit stops  , to be able to mechanically work on Honda CBR600RR F24 paths that the students themselves will have previously prepared for months in the classrooms. -center workshop. Each edition brings with it innovations designed to improve the experience and results. This year, front wings have been added to the bikes to improve aerodynamics.

Thus, eight work teams will be formed and, in each of them, there will be a Team Manager, two pilots and five students, who will be in charge of technical assistance, setup  , logistics, refueling operations and strategy. career. The organization of the event also involves other students from the school, such as those from the Master of Motorsport Engineering, who assist in the strategy. The students of the first course of Motorcycle Competition Mechanics also play an important role, since they act as track marshals and technical verifiers, a job that they must perform perfectly in order to fully apply the regulations. In addition, there will be someone in charge of race direction and timing to complete a 100% real experience, very similar to official motorcycling tests. 

Two days of action
The track activity will begin on Thursday the 27th at 11:30 a.m. with the two free practice sessions, which will be followed by the qualifying session at 2 p.m. On Friday the 28th it will begin with a Warm Up, which will give way to the long-awaited race, starting at 11 in the morning. 

“The Monlau Motul Endurance Race is not only a unique experience of extraordinary educational value, but in it the students also risk a good part of the final grade. We always receive very good feedback from the participants, which also helps us apply improvement proposals,”  says Jaime Serrano, general director of Monlau Motul Technical School.

This unique event is an ideal gateway to the professional world, an unbeatable end-of-study project that Monlau Motul commits to every year and which represents the culmination of the training of mechanics students.