Monlau Motul Karting Team adds two new titles of the Spanish Karting Championship

  • Eloi González revalidates the scepter in Senior and Josep Veà certifies the KZ in the last lap of an exciting second final.


    Three victories and another four podium places in Zuera put the finishing touches on a new weekend for the team’s history, which has had at least one of its drivers in the title fight of the main CEK divisions.


    “We have demonstrated speed in all the categories in which we competed,” says Rubén Simón, Team Manager at Monlau Motul Karting Team.


    “Both titles credit the good work of the team all year, but also the fact that we always see some of our pilots in the fight for the different categories”, says Jaime Serrano, CEO of Monlau Motul.

Monlau Motul Karting Team closed the season of the Spanish Karting Championship (CEK) with the titles of Josep Veà in KZ and Eloi González in Senior, plus two runners-up in Junior and Mini Rookie, and a third place in Mini. This excellent harvest came after an extraordinary definitive appointment in Zuera, which had the team representatives always as main protagonists in all the categories in the running.

A lot of heat and high tension in the environment marked the last weekend of the CEK 2023, which hosted the impeccable facilities of the Zuera International Circuit. A total of seven drivers of the Monlau Motul Karting Team began training on Friday dreaming on Sunday to raise their respective titles, a major challenge given the extraordinary competitiveness of this edition of the event.

Eloi González faced the challenge in the Senior category barely descended from the cloud that marked his debut, the previous weekend, in the Spanish F4. The Catalan came out with the aim of defending the title, which was, to a large extent, to make a good performance on Saturday. Leader of the timed trials, González also dominated the qualifiers to secure the pole position of the first race. On Sunday he chained a seventh and a second place that allowed him to mathematically preserve the scepter. Also shining in the second round was Eduardo Domínguez, who climbed 9 positions to finish third and flank González on the last podium of the season.

Regularity, seasoned with a pinch of tension and fortune, were the keys in KZ, category in which Josep Veà and Santi Vallvé were starting with mathematical possibilities of title, although they were not among the favorites. In this case, unlike the other divisions, Saturday was not entirely suitable for both, seeing in 5th and 6th place at the end of the qualifiers.

However, on Sunday everything changed after a solid first final in which Veà and Vallvé gave, in this order, the first double of the weekend to the Monlau Motul Karting Team. However, the story of the day did not occur until moments after the start of the second race, which saw Veà escape as an exhalation. While he was leading in search of what seemed to be a comfortable triumph, the team received the communication of a penalty for time skipping the start, a fact that turned what was left of the test into a sort of qualifying round. In the end, Veà managed to open enough space to, after the penalty seconds, finish second and add the necessary points to raise a title that two days before seemed a chimera.

In Junior, the Monlau Motul Karting Team had Raúl Zunzarren and Marius Barry-Berg in the selection of candidates for the scepter. This option won in full in view of Saturday’s results, which put Navarro in pole position. However, a bumpy first date ended up discarding both of the title race. Zunzarren got even in the second round with a major comeback to finally achieve his first win of the season, which also guaranteed him the runner-up.

The Mini category, the most numerous in Zuera, also had the riders Monlau Motul in the cabals for the title both in the absolute category and the debutants. Saturday could not go better for the drivers of the team, who sealed the first three positions with Iván Luis González preceding Álvaro Perelló and Benjamín Mañach, while Amir Sabirov was the second among the rookies. Such good hopes ended up twisting 24 hours later, when the podiums proved elusive for the drivers of the Monlau Motul Karting Team and, with it, the option of a third title vanished. Álvaro Perelló, fourth in the first round, and Benjamín Mañach, sixth in the second, were the best, and González finished the season as third place. Amir Sabirov, meanwhile, chained a first and second place in the classification reserved for debutants, who finished as runners-up.

The final balance of the weekend could not be more positive, as rubrica Rubén Simón, Team Manager of the Monlau Motul Karting Team: “We have demonstrated speed in all categories, as shown by our results on Saturday at the end of training and qualifying sleeves. Then, on Sunday, in a day marked by tension and the fight to life and death for the titles have not always arrived the desired results, but the baggage of podiums and victories is more than satisfactory”.

“The championships of Josep Veà and Eloi González accredit the good work of the team throughout the year. This regularity reflected race by race can also be read with the best news of the weekend, which has always been to see one of our drivers in contention for the title in the different categories. That is the real challenge of the team and the one that underlines the work of both those who sit behind the wheel and those in charge of the set-up and that the mechanics never fail, which are the three fields that mark our activity as a school of driving talents, mechanics and engineering,” says Jaime Serrano, CEO of Monlau Motul Technical School

In 2023, the Monlau Motul Karting Team added two more titles to its long list of winners and reinforced its leading role in the world of karting in Spain.