Monlau Motul Karting Team completes its best performance of the year in Aragon at the CEK

  • The team says goodbye to the penultimate event of the Spanish Karting Championship season with five victories and five other appearances on the podium, which include a triple in one of the finals of the Senior category, a double in Mini and three pole positions .
  • A total of 20 drivers defended the team’s colors in the event, marked by heat.
  • We closed a very intense weekend, but at the same time extremely exciting and in which we have shown great rhythm in all categories, signing it in many cases with triumphs and presences in the box.” comments Rubén Simón, Team Manager of Monlau Motul Technical School.
  • We are left with good feelings to go strong to the last event of the season, which will come after a well-deserved vacation for drivers and staff. We can close the season very successfully.” says Jaime Serrano, CEO of Monlau Motul.

Monlau Motul Karting Team concluded the penultimate round of the Spanish Karting Championship (CEK) at Motorland Aragón, Teruel, with its best record in terms of results of the entire year: five victories and another five appearances on the podium. After a weekend marked by heat, and which forced the 20 drivers and the large group of mechanics and support engineers to fine-tune the set-up of the karts as much as possible, the team more than met its objective of being competitive in all divisions, even managing to become the sole dominator of two of them, KZ and Mini.

The CEK remained one more event in Aragonese lands, although moving from the province of Zaragoza to that of Teruel. The fast Motorland Aragón layout welcomed the more than 160 entries for the event with intense heat, although the mercury was less rigorous than expected at this time of year.

For the third time in campaign 24, the KZ division was confirmed as a source of good news for Monlau Motul Karting Team. The category registered an annual record registration, with 36 karts on the track, six of which in the Monlau Motul colors. In fact, one of the occasional additions to the team this weekend, Gerard Cebrián, well known to the team, would end up becoming the main protagonist. From the timed practice sessions and the qualifying rounds, Sete Veà, Cebrián and Santi Vallvé were among the fastest, the former achieving the long-awaited pole position. Now, the day destined for the finals revealed a certain contrast of emotions for the team. In the first race, various incidents at the start delayed Sete Veà and Santi Vallvé, who were forced to make frenetic comebacks. Cebrián, for his part, remained in the leading group until he became the leader and took the victory of the year. In the second event the pattern was repeated, and Gerard Cebrián closed a notable double for Monlau Motul Karting Team. Completing the list of results were Santi Vallvé (4th and abandonment), Sete Veà (12th and 5th), Santiago da Costa (7th and 9th), Berta Ràfols (twice 11th) and Jaime Cortés (abandonment and 10th).

Prominent role of Monlau Motul also in Mini, which added to its three usual 2024 drivers, Ivan Luis González, Álvaro Perelló and Nuvola Morales, the presence of the Polish David Aagten. At the close of the qualifying rounds, the pace of the representatives of the Barcelona team was evident with the pole position of Iván Luis, and with Morales 4th and Perelló 5th, while Aagten continued his adaptation to the CEK at a frenetic pace. On Sunday, Iván Luis González transformed the privileged position into victory after a close duel with his teammate Álvaro Perelló, who crossed the finish line just 42 thousandths later. Unlike the first final, the second event was a group race, and Nuvola Morales emerged as the true protagonist. After finishing sixth in the morning event, the Monlau Motul Karting Team driver climbed to take first in the penultimate lap, a position that he managed to defend until the flag. Iván Luis González took the third place on the podium and Perelló was 4th. David Aagten, for his part, said goodbye to his first CEK 2024 event with 24th and 19th places.

The fifth partial victory of Monlau Motul Karting Team had the stamp of Raúl Zunzarren in Senior. The Navarrese driver began his performance at Motorland with a perfect Saturday, in which he dominated both the time trials and the qualifying rounds, achieving pole position. The next day, he had a solid first final in which, although he did not cross the checkered flag in first place, he did end up inheriting it after a penalty against a rival. The joy of the Monlau Motul Karting Team was maximum, since along with Zunzarren, his teammates Eloi González and Miquel Blascos completed the podium, also highlighting the 6th place of Mateo Rubio and the 13th of Asier Terrón, author of a comeback of 12 places. In the second event, Zunzarren put the finishing touch to a great weekend with a second place that gives him a good chance of winning the Senior title in Chiva. Blascos (5th), González (6th), Terrón (7th) and Rubio (13th) completed the classification. Unfortunately, Pol Aparicio, who made his debut with Monlau Motul at CEK 2024, failed to pass the qualifying test on Saturday.

In Junior, a division that brought together three representatives Monlau Motul, Nico García, Egor Ivanchenko and Beatriz Cardoso, the Motorland meeting closed in a bittersweet way. The Andalusian driver started off magnificently, controlling the timed practice sessions and ensuring a presence on the front row of the grid after two excellent qualifying rounds. However, a touch in the first final precipitated his abandonment and, due to the state of the kart, made his presence on the grid for the second event unfeasible. Cardoso (13th and 26th) and Ivanchenko (21st and 29th) did manage to complete both races.

The Monlau Motul Karting Team performance was completed by the Academy category, which once again featured Eduardo Costa. After finishing the qualifiers in 12th place, Costa managed to rise to 13th place in the initial final and close the top 10 in the second, evidencing notable progress in his adaptation to the world of karting.

Rubén Simón , Team Manager of Monlau Motul Technical School, was more than satisfied at the end of the Aragonese event: “We closed a very intense weekend, but at the same time extremely exciting and in which we have shown great pace in all categories , signing it in many cases with victories and podium positions.”

“We are left with the good feelings we have had in this test to go strong to the last event of the season, which will come after a well-deserved vacation for drivers and staff. We can close the season very successfully, but we cannot take anything for granted and we have to continue fighting until the end ,” added Jaime Serrano , CEO of Monlau Motul Technical School. The CEK will say goodbye to the 2024 season in Chiva karting on September 20, 21 and 22.