Monlau Repsol reaches an agreement with AiM Sports, one of the World leading companies in data acquisition

The students of the engineering and the mechanical school will have available the latest in data acquisition technology for the racetrack on their school internships and also during lessons at the school, thanks to the specialized brand AiM.
The current class of the Motorsport Engineering Master is using a complete equipment of data acquisition based on the sophisticated model:  MyChron 5.
The students of the innovating Online Engineering Master, which will start on October, will also benefit from this important technical cooperation.
With the aim of providing their students with the latest technology, Monlau Repsol Technical School has reached a cooperation agreement with AiM Sports, a world reference company in data acquisition. Thanks to this alliance, the Italian brand will deliver school supplies for the Spanish race engineering school and for the racing mechanics school, too. This cooperation also includes the Motorsport Engineering Master on its On Campus and on its Online version, that will get started in October.
The fantastic relationship between AiM Sports and Monlau Repsol was established two years ago during a go-kart final project that was performed by the engineers of the Master. Nowadays, this relationship expands to the rest of the Spanish learning Center that this year counts with 250 students enrolled along the initiation courses, first and second courses of race car and race motorbikes mechanic’s.
The agreement will allow Monlau Repsol Technical school students to get taught and trained with the best educational material in data acquisition from AiM Sports, electronics, instrumentation, data registry, digital screens, lap scorers, chronometers and measuring tools to increase the performance of the racing cars and motorbikes.
The current promotion of the On Campus Motorsport Engineering Master is currently using a complete equipment of data acquisition based on the latest generation model MyChron 5 that Enrico Rosignoli, as the president of AiM Sports, has delivered to David Simón who is the Director of the Automobile Sport Projects (DCA) of Monlau Repsol. Also, all the students from the racing mechanics school, located in Barcelona, will be able to improve their knowledge with the master classes that the AiM Sports Engineers and technicians will be teaching along the course.