Monlau Repsol Technical School opens its online learning modules to motorsport enthusiasts

Monlau Repsol Technical School expands its learnings offer with a new formula aimed at those Motorsport lovers who want to know deeply the job of a race engineer and want to complete their training with specific knowledge. Thanks to the race engineering speciality by modules, students will be able to choose the module that most interests them from the prestigious and complete Motorsport Engineering Master.
This innovative proposal is aimed at every Motorsport’s professionals or even amateur, regardless of their academic degree. The modules are open to anyone who wants to learn aspects related to race engineering and to live the racing world from another point of view. It also represents a great opportunity for current technicians, students or engineering graduates who want to complete their specific training in the race field and even an opportunity to discover this engineering master’s degree and make the leap as a race engineer.
The available modules in its e-learning platform Race Car Dynamics, Race Car Data, Race Motorbike Dynamics, Race Motorbike Data, PTC Creo, Brakes & Shock Absorbers, Race Engines, Aerodynamics, Ansys, Powertrain & Materials, Mathworks, Sports Marketing y Sports Psychology. By enrolling in any of these modules, the student will receive free access to the Introduction to Motorsport & Part List and Racing Team modules. Modules that, by the way, will help you to understand the fundamentals of this exciting Motorsport world.
An extensive training offer ranging from the History of Motorsport to Psychology or Sports Marketing, through the more technical aspects such as vehicle geometry, data acquisition, 3D model design, the operation of a brake system and how to solve their possible problems, the importance of engines, aerodynamics and transmissions and the use of the Ansys and the Mathworks (Simulink) software.
Thanks to the Monlau Online Academy platform, students will have at their disposal all the teaching material of each of the modules, as well as the necessary information to complete them. Available in Spanish or English, these modules, like in the Online Master version, have no geographical limits. In addition, students have direct communication with the teachers of each module: a series of Monlau Repsol Technical School specialized professionals, currently active in national and international championships. Linked with the theoretical learnings, the student will work with the latest software used by the race teams and companies in the Motorsport area.
Once completing a Learning Module, the students will obtain their certificate with the prestigious seal and guarantee of Monlau Repsol that has been training motorsport specialists from around the world since 1997. Each module has its own diploma for that specific training. To access any Learning Module, it is only necessary to have passion for the world of Motorsport, a PC or laptop, an internet connection and eager to learn.
Those interested in receiving information or processing their enrolment registration can consult the Monlau Online Academy platform and thus be part of the school that has been opening the doors to the race world since 1997.