Team Estrella Galicia 0.0, ready to face an exciting season in the FIM JuniorGP. 2024

  • With an ambitious line-up of nine drivers and 41 management, mechanics and engineers, the team aspires to everything.
  • Facundo Llambías and Casey O’Gorman, along with Máximo Quiles and Guillem Planques, will try to take the team to get their third consecutive title in JuniorGP.
  • Pau Alsina, Jesús Torres, Fernando Bujosa, Marianos Nikolis and Enzo Bellon are chosen to fight for the championship in the European Talent Cup.
  • “We have restructured the organization with new pilots and more technicians, applying our strategic management model BSC “Balanced Scorecard” Therefore, more than ever, we value this pre-season very positively and we are sure that we have great potential, both on and off the track”, explains Jaime Serrano, CEO of the team.

In a matter of a few days, the engines will roar again on the track of Emilia-Romagna (Italy), where the new edition of FIM JuniorGP will begin. With a renewed line-up of drivers, marked by talent, training and hunger for titles, Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 is ready for the first round, on 21 April.

After winning the title in the JuniorGP category for the second year in a row thanks to the spectacular performance of Ángel Piqueras, four top-level riders will try this year to revalidate the crown and keep Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 at the top of the category.

Uruguayan rider Facundo Llambías faces his third year in the team, while Casey O’Gorman will play its first full season. Together with them, the Frenchman joins the team Guillem Planques, ninth last season in the European Talent Cup (ETC), and the reigning champion of this category, the murcian Máximo Quiles. Two new additions that place the team among the favorites to win the title in JuniorGP.

With the aim of achieving the title in the ETC, this season Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 expands its structure with one more driver, a challenge also at organizational level. A completely renovated grill that is formed by the Catalan Pau Alsina, the Andalusian Jesus Torres, the Mallorcan Fernando Bujosa, the Australian Marianos Nikolis and the French Enzo Bellon.

Beyond the new additions in terms of drivers, the professional structure of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 also presents changes aimed at achieving the ambitious sporting goals that have been set for the season. “We have restructured the organization with new pilots, as well as increasing the number of technicians and trainees, generating even more synergies with the mechanics trained at Monlau Motul Technical School. We have also enhanced the figure of the rider performance analyst, and now we will have two people in charge of these functions”, explains Jaime Serrano, CEO of a team that in its new organizational chart presents the experienced Max Moro, as Team Leader Project.

To arrive with the maximum guarantees of success to the premiere of the championship, Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 has completed an extensive pre-season that has led to test days in Calafat, Valencia, Almería and Barcelona, as well as a series destage which aim to become familiar with all team members, at the same time as flat-track, mx and pit-bikes training, along with other types of physical exercises. In addition, specific work has also been done on the wind tunnel, where aerodynamics have been substantially improved to get the most out of the Honda NSF250 RW, as well as other technical areas developed in conjunction with Geo Technologies.

“More than ever, we value this pre-season very positively and we are sure that we have great potential, both on and off the track. After the changes made at different levels, we had to adapt and make the best tuning with riders and motorcycles, as well as make the most of the new Pirelli compounds”, explains Serrano.

Monlau Motul and Estrella Galicia 0.0 are ready to sign a season full of podiums, victories and titles, the best way to celebrate the continuity of their historic link, which extends two more seasons, until 2025. An association that has been forging champions for more than a decade thanks to the commitment to a program based on training in values such as effort, perseverance and teamwork.

The stage to reap the first joys will be the Emilia-Romagna track on April 21, where JuniorGP and ETC will play two races each category. Then, the action will travel to Estoril on May 5, Barcelona-Catalunya on May 19, Algarve on June 23, Jerez on September 15, Aragon on October 13 to finish in Valencia on November 24.

Facundo Llambias #94, 17/06/2004 (Paysandú, Uruguay)

The Uruguayan rider will participate for the third consecutive year in JuniorGP. His debut in the ranks of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 was in the last round of 2021 in the European Talent Cup, where he finished both sleeves in the top 10.

Casey O’Gorman #67, 07/08/2007 (Eireannach, Irlanda)

O‘Gorman will play his first full season with the team at JuniorGP. In 2023achieved two podiums in the European Talent Cup and scored 9 points in the last two rounds of JuniorGP. He was third in the ETC in 2022 (1 win and 2 third) and champion of the British Talent Cup in 2021.

Máximo Quiles #28, 19/03/2008 (Murcia, España)

EThe young driver will debut with the colors of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 in which will also be his debut in the JuniorGP category. And he will do it with a spectacular resume despite his youth: he was proclaimed champion of the ETC in his debut in 2021, with only 13 years, and is the reigning champion of the category after adding in 2023 7 podiums and 5 victories in 11 races.

Guillem Planques #24, 24/10/2007 (Ecully, Francia)

EIn the year of his joining the team, he will also make his debut in the JuniorGP category. RHe made his first season in FIM JuniorGP in 2021, where he finished in 23rd position in ETC. The following year, he climbed to the 15th position, while in the 2023 season he maintained his progression to finish in the 9th position of the general classification.

Jesús Torres #22, 21/10/2006 (Los Villares, España)

EThe Andalusian rider has experience in the ETC and arrives at the team in ascending line after his good results in the 2023 season. Thanks to his regularity and the fourth place achieved in Barcelona, he finished in the 8th position. Un piloto con mucho futuro que se subió por primera vez a una moto con solo cuatro años.

Pau Alsina #26, 22/01/2008 (Sallent, España)

Este will be the fourth consecutive year in which Alsina will participate in the European Talent Cup, this time with the colors of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0. So far, his career has been upwards, with a 17th position in 2021 and a 14th place in the 2022 and 2023 seasons. An experience that must play in favor of the driver, who aspires to fight for victories and podiums.

Enzo Bellon #33, 09/03/2009 (Saint-Pierre, Francia)

El The young rider joins Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 after accumulating his first experiences in the ETC season 2023. A very talented pilot who, as he adapts to his new environment, is expected to show a significant evolution in his results.

Marianos Nikolis #37, 10/07/2007 (Canberra, Australia)

NNikolis will face his second ETC experience, this time under the command of Team Estrella Galicia 0,0. With enthusiasm, ambition and great desire to learn, the pilot played in 2023 the Asia TAlent Cup, where he finished in the 10th position of the general standings and a fourth position as best result.

Fernando Bujosa #69, 07/07/2009 (Palma de Mallorca, España)

EThe Balearic rider lands in the ranks of Team Estrella Galicia 0.0 with a desire to grow and sgood results in CTS. It will be the third season of this driver in the category -the first complete after playing the two final races in 2022 and the last three in 2023-, donde hopes to consolidate and show his characteristic style brave and fighter on the bike.