Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 remain in Aragon for Teruel Grand Prix

Estrella Galicia 0,0 stay on at MotorLand Aragon for the Teruel Grand Prix, the second of the two rounds hosted at the track due to the revamped 2020 season calendar.
Garcia Dols will have another opportunity to shine after last weekend’s hazardous race, as will Yamanaka -whose Aragon GP was hindered by a crash in practice.
The first Free Practice sessions will get underway on Friday, October 23rd at 10am, with the race scheduled for Sunday at 11:20am.
Sergio García Dols (15th in the World Championship with 37 points)
Last weekend at MotorLand Aragon the Spaniard qualified directly for Q2, although in the race he lost pace and ground after incurring a Long Lap penalty, and finished in 19th place.    
With such recent experience aiding him, he now hopes to have a more productive weekend that demonstrates his true potential.
“Losing so many positions after the start of the race was very hard for me last weekend, but I hope that this time our practice pace will also carry over to Sunday. MotorLand Aragón is one of my favourite circuits and I want to achieve a good result there.”
Ryusei Yamanaka (24th in the World Championship with 13 points)
Yamanaka started last weekend with an early crash in FP1, although he overcame discomfort in his left hand to continue making progress.
At the start of the race he regained positions, although finally he could not find the required pace and would take the chequered 24th.
“Last week I had a very bad time at MotorLand due to the crash on Friday, but I think it was a positive experience in the sense that I was gradually regaining confidence and improving as much as possible. In the race I made a good start, and I hope to have a better pace this time to achieve a more positive result.”
FP1: 10:00h
FP2: 13:35h
FP3: 10:00h
Q1: 13:15h
Q2: 13:40h
WARM UP: 09:20h
RACE: 11:20h