The students of Monlau Repsol debuts the modern Setup Wizzard of CP autosport

Professors David Simón and David Seguin teach the Motorsport Engineering On-Campus Master students the operation of this sophisticated device in the Renault RS01.
The Setup Wizzard is an accurate wheel alignment tool that uses laser technology.
Monlau Repsol Technical School has released the latest technology material provided by CP autosport, thanks to the collaboration agreement reached earlier this year between the school of motorsport engineering mechanics training and the German company of recognized prestige. The first to use the modern Setup Wizzard equipment were the students of the Motorsport On-Campus Engineering Master during a master class on set up taught by teachers David Simón and David Seguin.
CP autosport has given to Monlau Repsol Technical School a complete and modern equipment of set up and tooling for the Renault RS01 race cars. Without a doubt, the star of this material is the exclusive Setup Wizzard, a wheel alignment tool that allows, thanks to the laser technology, a better precision in the wheel alignment as well as being able to read the values of weight per wheel and angle drop by Bluetooth on the motorsport engineer computer.
In order to know how this modern device works, the future motorsport engineers that attend the On-Campus Master of Monlau Repsol have received a master class by professors David Simón and David Seguin. Both specialists have taught the detailed operation of the Setup Wizzard, as well as its many advantages in getting a good setup of the vehicle. All this has been possible thanks to the recent agreement signed with CP autosport, which also includes training on latest technologies to the teachers staff of Monlau Repsol by the experts of the German company, as well as lectures specific to students of on-campus courses and participation in the online master modules.
CP autosport is a German company that has earned a strong reputation in the sector thanks to its high performance components and racing vehicle preparations. With extensive experience in motorsport, this company has worked with many of the major automotive brands and in some of the major championships. In addition, CP autosport is involved in the development and production processes in hybrid supersport models for mass-market automotive.