The students of the Master of Motorsport Engineering at Monlau Motul debut on the track with an introductory practice

  • The students have experienced their first contact in a circuit with the tasks that they will be able to perform when they finish this postgraduate degree.
  • During the day, the students have worked alongside the pilots in two practical sessions in which they have acquired essential knowledge for their future in the world of motorsports and motorcycling.
  • “It has been a very beneficial session for all the students, who have learned to organize themselves and find their place within the team,” said Gerard Gasulla, coordinator of the master’s degree.

Monlau Motul Technical School has carried out the introductory practice of its fifteenth Master of Motorsport Engineering at the Calafat Circuit (Tarragona). In this scenario, the students of the Barcelona center have had their first contact with the professional tasks they seek to perform when they finish these postgraduate studies.

The main objective of this activity is to introduce them to the essential fundamentals of motorsport and lay the foundations for their professional development. From vehicle preparation to real-time data analysis on the track, students have received comprehensive training in basic technical and operational aspects. 

In this way, as future engineers specialized in motorsport, they have learned to control all the vital data of a vehicle, to have the sensors well calibrated to correctly use the information they offer, to provide the solutions that the vehicle requires and to know how to modify the settings according to the weather and track conditions.

The day began with a track walk with all the students of this edition and the drivers who have participated in this practice to be able to comment on the most notable characteristics of the circuit, such as braking references, among others. After collecting all the necessary information and becoming familiar with the route, the day was divided into two practical sessions, in which the students had the opportunity to work alongside the pilots. The first turn was for both wheels, with two Honda CBR 600RRs equipped with some competition components such as reprogrammable control units. Next, we worked with cars, specifically, with a CUPRA TCR MK3 and a first generation F4.

“It has been a very beneficial practical session for all the students, since, in addition to having the opportunity to analyze and obtain data for the first time in a real way with the drivers on a circuit, they have also learned to organize themselves and find each one their own place within the team, an essential task for their progress as professional engineers. We always set quite realistic objectives and we are very satisfied with the concepts they have assimilated,” commented Gerard Gasulla, coordinator of the master’s degree.

After acquiring this knowledge of work procedures, the goal in the following practices will be to advance in a more technical field on your way to the paddock of the best motorsport and motorcycle championships in the world.

The Master of Motorsport Engineering at Monlau Motul Technical School offers training that relies on a theoretical-practical formula with the aim that students finish their studies fully prepared to face top-level professional challenges in the world of competition, whether Formula 1, MotoGPTM, the FIA ​​WRC or the FIA ​​WEC, among others. After 14 years of experience, this postgraduate program has achieved great national and international prestige, as demonstrated by the diversity of nationalities found in its classrooms, and that in this fifteenth edition, it welcomes students from France, Mexico, Romania, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina, in addition to Spain.