Two victories and eight more presences on the podium for the Monlau Motul Karting Team in the CEK of Aragon

  • The double of Eloi González, who is re-launching his candidacy to win the title in the Senior category, leads a magnificent harvest of results for the Barcelona team in the event held at the Motorland Aragon circuit.

  • Monlau Motul’s expedition was made up of about twenty people, including alumni of the school of mechanics and the Master in Competition Engineering, as well as trainees.

  • “We closed the weekend with satisfaction for the results achieved by our young pilots and, in particular, for the great work of our trainees and alumni of mechanics and the Master of Engineering,” says Jaime Serrano, CEO of Monlau Motul.

Monlau Motul Karting Team completed with a magnificent set of results the penultimate round of the Spanish Karting Championship (CEK), held at the Motorland Aragon circuit. The Barcelona team stepped on the podium in all categories in which it had representation, except for the Mini, in addition to catapult the leadership of the Senior division to Eloi González thanks to his two victories in the qualifying finals starting from pole position.

The intense heat was the companion of the extensive expedition of Monlau Motul Karting Team in Motorland Aragon, which formed about twenty people, between mechanics and engineers and students in practice. Their mission was to give the best technical assistance to the 21 riders of the team, who were divided into the usual categories: KZ, Senior, Junior and Mini.

One of the main protagonists of the visit of the CEK to Aragonese lands was undoubtedly Eloi González. The defender of the title Senior gave an important blow on the table in the turolense track, becoming the great dominator of the weekend. González claimed pole position for the first race after dominating the qualifying heats, signing, the next day, these good results with a resounding double in two very equal and exciting finals. González controlled in both cases Daniel Briz, one of his rivals for the title, in both cases, maintaining the first place in the banderazo with minimal differences: four hundredths and three tenths, respectively. The points added this weekend bring Eloi to the lead of the provisional standings with only one and three points margin, respectively, over the two closest pursuers.

They completed the balance of Monlau Motul Karting Team in senior category third place in race 1 of Eduardo Dominguez, who had a great debut with the team, and who joined a fifth place in the second, or the two presences of the top 10 of Mateo Rubio (9th and 8th). The team’s results sheet at Motorland also includes 13th place for Francisco Cardoso in the second final round and 22nd for Pol Aparicio in the first.

In the KZ division, the pilots Monlau Motul were always in the fight for the main places, and accumulated four presences in the drawer. Santiago Vallvé signed two second positions in the finals, and was always accompanied on the third step of the podium by one of his teammates. Gerard Cebrián, returning to Monlau Motul Karting Team, signed a 3rd and 4th place; Josep Vea finished 6th and 3rd; Aleix Bueno was 8th and 7th, and Arnau Ràfols finished the second final race in 12th place after retiring in the first.

In the Junior category, the weekend gathered great emotions for Monlau Motul. With Marius Barry-Berg 5th at the end of the qualifiers, the main role was taken by his teammates Raúl Zunzarren and Miquel Blascos, who recovered 58 positions in the sleeves to compensate for the setbacks that prevented them from taking part in the classification, and elevated them to 8th and 9th place on Sunday’s first grid. Zunzarren completed his climb on the final day chaining two third positions in the finals. The team’s competitive background is completed by Norwegian Marius Barry-Berg (6th and 5th), Miquel Blascos (12th and 9th) and Nicolás García (13th and 15th).

The Mini category was again the most numerous in Motorland, with a total of 45 drivers, and was also the one with the largest number of Monlau Motul components, a total of seven. Álvaro Perelló brushed the podium in the first final and achieved the team’s best results (4th and 8th). Completed the representation of Monlau Motul Rafael Simón (10th and 12th), Beatriz Cardoso (16th and 26th), Benjamín Mañach (18th and 12th) and Iván González (33rd and 13th). In the subdivision reserved to the Rookies, outstanding work of Amir Sabirov, after achieving pole position and signing, in the final races, a third and fourth place in the category.

According to Jaime Serrano, CEO of Monlau Motul Technical School, “We closed the weekend with great satisfaction for the ten podiums harvested by our young drivers and, in particular, for the great work demonstrated by our trainees and the group of alumni of mechanics and the Master of Engineering”.

“If it was rain in Chiva, Motorland challenged us to beat an intense heat. In any case, the team did a great job. Now it is time to rest and gather strength to prepare in the best conditions the last round of the season at the end of September,” says Rubén Simón, Monlau Motul Karting Team Manager.

The Spanish Karting Championship will see off its 2023 edition on Saturday, September 30, and on Sunday, October 1, from the circuit of Zuera.